Friday, March 30, 2007

Django Reinhardt - Guitar genius

Django Reinhardt - Guitar genius .
A very attractive collection-album from this guitar virtuoso.
Recommended !
Download in two parts (!) : part 1

Password : part 2



Blogger Ecos de los Pasos said...

Hey, sorry dude.

Didn't know those links were yours. A friend of mine just passed them to me and I posted them there. Can I use them or should I erase them?

Anyway, thanks for the superb blog you have.

Greetings from Bolivia

31/3/07 07:07  
Blogger yonnor said...

No , erase please.
Of course you can upload again but use your own links.
Greetings, Yonnor.

31/3/07 14:28  
Anonymous Riccardo said...

I.i have found your blog(beautiful blog)on my dad's blog(quaterpass)and I'm come endured.But do you post only music???Any picture,or anyting else.

31/3/07 18:15  
Blogger yonnor said...

You are right Riccardo.
Only music is a narrow-minded
way of life (including blogs)
and that's what makes your
fathers blog so attractive.
My first posts were more
I think it will change again
one day.
Greetings , Yonnor

1/4/07 22:33  
Blogger DUHALDE DAFT PUNK said...

Really thank you. Not for this, but for the others (Lou Reed, etc.)
Badongo (L)

16/8/07 16:56  

Hi! Great Blog and great record. I got some vinyls on sale on my blog, if you wan to check them go to:
thanks and keep the music alive

18/2/11 11:27  

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