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Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde

Bob Dylan , Blonde On Blonde , 1966
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Released shortly after Rock music became intelectualised, this album is normally considered to be Dylans� finest, and one of the major turning point of popular music. So, what�s behind the hype? Well...

Although Dylans� style is more commonly referred to as Folk-Rock, this album has a much more bluesy feel to it. You wouldn�t know it from the ramshackle �Rainy Day Women Nos 12 & 35�, though, which (despite having lyrics which could be classified as �Hits From The Bong� for the hippie generation, biblical connoctations be damned!) sounds jaunty and jolly. The Blues influence runs through the whole album, but it is particularly evident on �Temporary Like Achilles� and �Obviously 5 Believers�. There are also lovley folk ballads like �Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands�, and a bizarre take on �Norwegian Wood� (a Beatles track which was inspired by Dylan in its� own right) on �4th Time Around�.

The lyrics, despite being considered pop musics� emancipation from the old rules, are still very much love songs. Dylan can often be angry at women- the telling off of �Most Likely You Go Your Way And I�ll Go Mine� and the taunting of �Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat� are priceless-but more often than not the failure of the relationships in his songs can be blamed on nothing but (stealing a line from Bob himself) a simple twist of fate. Take, for instance, the narrative of �Sooner Or Later (One Of Us Must Know)�. Dylan may sound arrogant as he�s explaining to a younger girl that he never fully understood what she expected from their relationship (i.e. he really just wanted to bag her), but you do believe him when he says �I never meant to do you any harm� .

Of course, this being Bob Dylan, the love songs can�t be all straight and ordinary: �Sad Visions Of Johnanna� starts off with Dylan trying to seek down a girl (but only meeting her obnoxious companions), and ends up with lines like �Well Mona Lisa must�ve had the highway blues/you can see it by the way she smiles� . Meanwhile, tracks like �Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again� and �4th Time Around� don�t even try to make any sense, but being the immortal poetry that they are, you don�t really mind.

A year before �Blonde On Blonde� came out, an audience member yelled �Judas!� at Dylan. He replied �I don�t believe you. You�re a liar�. My point? None. I just wish I had come-back lines as witty as Dylans�...

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