Thursday, April 05, 2007


Chimera , UK , baroque-psychedelia 1969 - 1970.
This is absolutely one of my favorite albums !!!
Almost unknown but it is one of the late 60's masterpieces.
Francesca Garnett and Lisa Bankoff were the singers (and
the band) and they were surrounded by people like
Bob Weston (Fleetwood Mac guitarist) , Rick Wright and
Nick Mason (both Pink Floyd). The last partly produced
this record. Francesca and Lisa have beautiful voices and
the songs are original.
Close your eyes, listen to this album and you can touch
the spirit of a time ! Don't miss this !

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! Love this.

6/4/07 10:50  
Blogger jonjim1952 said...

This is all new to me. From the written description, I know I will enjoy it.

6/4/07 18:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music!

6/4/07 21:26  
Blogger McOrbit said...

Great! Where have they been all my life?

6/4/07 22:35  
Anonymous Carlos Alberto said...

Hallo Yonnor,

This group made fantastic music! Typical of 1960's end. Quoting McOrbit: where have Chimera been all our life?
Your selection of CDs is really tasteful! Thank your for the music and congratulaions once again.

Carlos Alberto

7/4/07 05:04  
Blogger yonnor said...

Thanks Carlos Alberto, Mcorbit , jonjim1952 and two anoniems for your reactions !
And thanks Carlos for your compliments , i am honoured !

8/4/07 00:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great posts! And for this one too, of course! Your blog is well balanced thing that is so rare these days! Danil,Moscow, Russia.

10/4/07 19:59  

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