Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chopin preludes - Maurizio Pollini

Chopin preludes , Maurizio Pollini , 1990
Today a very beautiful classical album. Maurizio Pollini on piano.
The music is more or less wellknown. Oh Yes !
If you are not familiar with this music you must certainly give
it a try. You won't be disappointed !

Download : ( 320 kbps )


Password : jajaah.blogspot.com

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greetings, Yonnor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back a few years when CDs started to take off and the second hand record shops were flooded with terrific collections of vinyl at very low prices, I used the oppportunity to stretch out a little with my tastes. I'd always liked some classical music but who can afford to buy a lot of stuff new on an experimental basis? This collection of Chopin's Preludes by Pollini was one such LP purchase and it opened up the extraordinary world of Chopin's music for me. This is still just about my favourite of his work and I eventually got it on CD. I recommend it in a big way.

25/4/07 04:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good choice. More classical music :)

25/4/07 08:37  
Anonymous farfie said...

thank you for this

25/4/07 11:04  
Blogger yonnor said...

farfie and both anonymous ,
thanks for reaktions !

26/4/07 23:36  
Anonymous WhyNot? said...

Nice change of pace ... excellent Sunday morning relaxation music. Thanks!

27/4/07 15:23  
Blogger rokosh said...

Chopin and Dylan on the same blog! Great- can we have more classical pl?
And I like your using Badongo as host- less d/l restrictions

28/4/07 04:02  
Blogger yonnor said...

Hi Rokosh ,
I upload music i liked and that's very divers. You can expect more classical like the opera La Boheme from Puccini. Puccini is beautiful.

And yes badongo is more symphatic.

silveraintr is a great blog
i shall link it

greetings and thanks for reaktion !

28/4/07 15:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks A Lot Jah,Jah! Thanks For "Chopin",Love So Much...
Agree with rokosh : "Chopin & Dylan in same space"? Why Not? rsss,Well,Can You Post some Works with Excelent "Claudio Abado"?,Where┬┤s "Bach"??Miss Him Too,Thanks,Hugs! Gos Bless You.

ass: Letcia.

26/4/09 00:32  

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