Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Flairck - Gevecht met de engel

Flairck , Gevecht met de engel (fight with the angel) , 1980
Second album from this famous Dutch group
An unique sound/mix of folk, jazz and classical
chambermusic. (See my post 28 march)
Recommended !
Download :


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Anonymous Carlos Alberto said...

Hello Yonnor,

These songs of Flairck are very very nice! They seem to be of gypsy origin, don't they? Anyway the musicians are virtuoso and quite good to listen to.

Carlos Alberto

18/4/07 17:11  
Anonymous Carlos Alberto said...

By the way,

I like language learning very much. Reading some sentences and titles of albuns and songs you post in your blog I can observe that the Dutch Language is similar to German, maybe simpler. Or not? Are there also declinations and the three types of genres - like 'der, die und das' that in German is a complication for foreigners?

Thanks and Greetings,

Carlos Alberto

18/4/07 17:24  
Blogger yonnor said...

dear carlos,
Yes Flairck is nice , they have not an gypsy origin but you can hear influenses , it's diverse.
German and Dutch are indeed familiar languages. It's for the Dutchies easy to learn 'simple' German but indeed the nominative, genitive etc. are very difficult to us. We have them not (anymore) ,but that don't means Dutch is simplier.
Specialy the pronounce is difficult
The "sch" by exemple.
Greetings !

19/4/07 01:09  
Blogger Robert said...

Enjoying the other Flairck album . . . unfortunately, the link on this one isn't working.

Hope you can fix . . . great group!!

20/8/08 18:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

de tekening op de hoes is net als op een erdere plaats van Poen de Wijs. zie www.poendewijs.nl

25/10/09 14:22  

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