Monday, April 16, 2007

Manu Dibango - Afrijazzy

Manu Dibango , Afrijazzy , 1986
Emmanuel N'Djoké (Manu) Dibango is born in Cameroon.
He is an saxophonist and vibraphone player and he developed an
unique mix of jazz and traditional Cameroon - music.
It's very very beautiful and if you don't know this music you must
certainly give it a try !
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Blogger Koen said...

Downloading it right now, Dibango is usually a great saxplayer, so many thanks in advance!

17/4/07 01:49  
Blogger cheeba said...

Thanks for the Manu jajaah!

I forgot the full-length version of the electro "Makossa Blow" was so long. Don't remember Gombo Sauce off this but it's great!

I just posted his 1974 album Super Kumba with the original version of "Soir Au Village" if you're interested. I also included a link to your blog:

Thanks again!

16/1/09 01:10  
Blogger Mona said...

Thanx for this one, but I was wondering do you have 'Electric Africa' at all, which was the other album he did with Bill Laswell.

24/7/09 11:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi my friend, seems you are the only one with Afrijazzy. It would be great if you could reup the file. THX

15/7/10 13:09  

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