Thursday, April 19, 2007

Myriam Ribeiro - Apresentando Myriam Ribeiro

Myriam Ribeiro , Apresentando Myriam Ribeiro , 1961
A couple of months ago i found this very beautiful record on Loronix.
Because i like this record very much i uploaded it here too.
Brazilian bossa nova , i seemed to be her only work.
Download :

Password :

More nice work from this genre you can find on :


Blogger zecalouro said...


Nice to see Myriam here, nice also that you like it.

Cheers and keep rolling.


19/4/07 23:38  
Anonymous Carlos Alberto said...

Hello Yonnor,

I was under 10 when the original recording was released. I didn't know Myriam, but I'll try to find more info about her with older friends. I see people in Loronix know little about this nice voice singer either.

Maybe Mr Zeca should know some more.

Carlos Alberto

21/4/07 22:26  

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