Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Popol Vuh - Fitzcarraldo

Popol Vuh , Fitzcarraldo , 1982
The spiritual soundtrack from 'Fitzcarraldo' . A movie from Werner Herzog.
Very Beautiful , recommended !
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Blogger Miss F said...

hi there....just lettin you know that i disc0vered your bLog via TOTALLY FUZZY and I am really amazed and delighted...

I love this movie, Fitzcarraldo is so freakin brilliant, ahead of his time and tragic and crazy.

I saw many great albums in this blog, like FINAL CUT from Pink Floyd, which cd copy I lost a long time ago...I am dying to hear the song "two suns on a sunset"...

Greetings from the Philippines~

4/4/07 18:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful.. love werner herzog's crazy movies, especially with kinski, this movie's mad but hugely enjoyable.. great soundtrack!! thanks for sharing... greets from kanada

5/4/07 05:49  

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