Sunday, April 29, 2007

Puccini - La Bohème

Puccini - La Bohème - 1956
The opera "La Bohème" from Giacomo Puccini (1896)
It's one of the most popular and romantic opera's nowadays.
This release (1997) is from 1956 conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham.
And with stars like Victoria de Los Angeles.
Let you overwhelm by the sounds and voices from
this wonderful opera !

Download in 4 parts ( 4 acts , 2 cd's in 320 kbps)
Artwork included al well as titles. ... Act 1 ... Act 2 ... Act 3 ... Act 4

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More info :


Blogger rokosh said...

Been listening to this today- sounds really wonderful, thanks for a great (and unusual)share!

Any chance of locating Tamas Vazary's Chopin albums? I have some of his music on cassette and everytime I play it in the ofice, the whole place quickly falls silent- he's that good!

1/5/07 20:53  
Blogger yonnor said...

Hi Rokosh,
At the moment not.
I have them not by myself.
I will ask around.
A little maybe

2/5/07 01:39  

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