Friday, May 04, 2007

George Harrison - Cloud nine

George Harrison , Cloud Nine , 1987
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Blogger rokosh said...

This (in my humble opinion of course) is one of Harrison's best from his later output.
Been looking for this for some time now, thanks buddy!

6/5/07 21:15  
Anonymous andy said... thanx for cloud 9 try brainwashed pass=d42

10/5/07 11:16  
Blogger yonnor said...

Thanks Andy !
Greetings , Yonnor

10/5/07 22:33  
Anonymous wonghowe said...

this album proves that if george would have had a producer sensitive to his talents, he could have been a bigger star.

23/5/07 10:44  
Anonymous john-bagger said...

Thanks, i'm a big Harrison fan. Do you have Concert for George or know who has?

26/6/07 21:25  

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