Monday, May 14, 2007

Randy Crawford - The Very Best Of

Randy Crawford , The Very Best Of ... love songs , 1998
A very fine collection from this great soul-singer.
Recommended !
Download in two parts (2cd's). CD 1 CD 2

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Blogger rokosh said...

Great share from a great blog- thanks!

16/5/07 07:50  
Blogger Hank Developer said...

A lot of thanks for this diamond!

7/3/09 06:04  
Blogger Michael said...

Hello. Great BLOG !! But now I need help. I cannot, for the life of me, find the Randy Crawford song on the STAKEOUT soundtrack, its called "THIS NIGHT WAS MADE ( FOR ONE THING ONLY )..." I've tried everything and I cannot find it. So....can someone please help me out?? I've tried most sites...and nothing. Does anybody have it? THANKS

22/7/09 05:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Michael: I am looking for it too, any luck so far???

30/9/10 18:11  

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