Friday, June 08, 2007

David Bowie - Heathen

David Bowie , Heathen , 2002
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed many albums from this site, a great place to preview music indeed, but I thought you should know, I had difficulty opening this file, it just sits on the last track and I had to manually override the stuffit expander so I could shut it down. Too bad, I was looking forward to checking it out.

9/6/07 04:34  
Blogger yonnor said...

I checked it but i have no problems to open this file.
When you have no solution i
will upload again as zip-file.
(instead rar)
Let me know.

9/6/07 13:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my bad, all is well, sorry for the confusion!

9/6/07 15:38  

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