Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lou Reed - Rock n Roll Animal

Lou Reed , Rock n Roll Animal , 1974
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


You have a lot of bad quality in
your posts. 160 is very bad.

256kbps = CD quality


15/6/07 19:55  
Blogger yonnor said...

You must not look
a gift horse
in the mouth,
take it or leave it !


15/6/07 23:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is great, I love it and look at it at least 5 times a week. You've shown me so much great music, anonymous should go f rock!!!!!

16/6/07 04:45  
Anonymous Carlos Alberto said...

Hi Yonnor,

Please don't care about this! I look at your blog at least twice a day. And your posts are always surprising me. Who wants CD quality should buy the real disc.

Your friend,

Carlos Alberto

16/6/07 05:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, thx for the r'n'r animal, I love it! Manolovic

16/6/07 12:49  
Blogger yonnor said...

Dear friends,
Thanks all for your reaktions!
When i was 15 , that is 30 years ago whe had the 'real' vinyl-records and then whe taped each other records and so whe shared.
The casette-recorder was sometimes very primitive and the sound la-la.
BUT ..: we were very happy.
So , such a reaktion as: 160 kbps
is very bad , a lot of bad quality ...
Then i think : You must be a very
spoilt unhappy person. Sad.
I'am glad with reaktions from other anonymous and you
Carlos Alberto
Greetings !

17/6/07 00:40  
Anonymous Carlos Alberto said...


I have done recordings from vinyl-to-cassete tape (mono Phillips record and player!), vinyl-to-cassete Tape Deck (Sony; Technics and even Nakamichi)most of my life. I began around 1970! During the 90's, I recorded mostly CD-to-cassete. I tried even vinyl and CD-to-minidisc. More recently I tried to record vinyl-to-CD by using a Philips CD recorder and afterwards directly to the computer. And yes, I have done this just for pleasure. Never had high-end equipment and therefore never mind about high quality. What really matter is to listen to music. So, I have been rocking all this long time, sharing vinyls, cassete tapes, CDs and now mp3's with great respect to persons like you who does the work of sharing your collection in the Net.


Carlos Alberto

17/6/07 04:54  
Anonymous PaulNZ said...

I am just glad for the gift of music. If the gentleman in the first post is so worried about the bit rate maybe he should spend more time looking for the above at a better bit rate. you just have to look.
Lou Reed - "Rock N Roll Animal" (1974) Remastered/Bonus Tracks
Part 2
Maybe you should learn how to learn to use the internet a bit better.
Hope you do not take offence to my post Yonner.

Yours Paul

17/6/07 13:10  
Blogger yonnor said...

Of course not Paul ,
thanks for your amplification
and reaktion !

18/6/07 00:00  

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