Saturday, July 21, 2007

Carole King - The Living Room Tour

Carole King , The Living Room Tour , 2005
Fine 2 cd-box from the famous American singer-songwriter
and more. Download in 3 parts. (artwork seperated this time!)
Download : Artwork CD 1 CD 2

Password :
More info :


Blogger Ciro said...

Thanks for the great upload. Your blog is one of my favorites. Is there a reason you don't use ShareBee or something similar? I think it would be much more convenient for all of us.

22/7/07 22:30  
Blogger yonnor said...

dear ciro,
thanks for being one of your favorite blogs !
i used badongo with a free account and a "helper" , rightclicking a file, it's very easy (clear how far ...)
i have less problems , almost all the links are still working
when it's working why should i change ? (and you don't have to wait for a second download after the first)
But ... I have no clear reason
not to use sharebee etc.
Maybe later
Greetings ,

23/7/07 00:44  
Blogger marcello said...

Thank a lot

just a problem: I downloaded CD1 twice and both of times I had problems, it seems that the password is wrong (but it works properly for the CD2)

can you fix it please?

25/7/07 13:06  
Blogger yonnor said...

hello marcello,
I've tried (agai)it but the password is really working !
Make sure when you copy the password that there are no spaces at either end. (or type the password)
good luck and greetings

26/7/07 21:48  
Blogger rokosh said...

Excellent upload as usual- and thanks for posting on badongo; a great d/l site.
I'm having trouble playing this on iTunes but it works very well on winamp.
Anybody else experiencing this?

27/7/07 08:37  
Anonymous Dutchboy said...

Ik had Carole King vorig jaar al van de radio opgenomen maar nu heb ik het hele concert, bedankt hiervoor !
Groeten van beneden de rivieren.

10/8/07 20:59  

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