Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summerstop !

After a period in which i posted everyday one or more
albums, it's now time to take a break !
My kids have their schoolholiday, i have it almost.
Next let's say four-five weeks i'm "out"
I hope you come back then to visit my music-blog!
Good luck - take care !


You can send me a post-card to
Let me know where you are this summer and which
music you like. I appreciate it !


Anonymous Carlos Alberto said...

Hi Yonnor,

Have a nice vacation along your family.
Thanks for your job this time long.

Hope someday you come to Brazil!

Take care.

Carlos Alberto

27/7/07 07:18  
Blogger yonnor said...

Thanks Carlos Alberto for your best wishes and contributions last months !
Before I met my wife and got our children i loved travelling around the world, but i never was in Brazil (or South-america).
It's a wish to do it once !
Who knows ?!
Greetings !

27/7/07 23:41  
Blogger theGoose said...

Thanks for the posts, have a great break :)

28/7/07 00:57  
Anonymous PaulNZ said...

Hi Yonner Greeting from a Wintery New Zealand. Thanks for all the great music you post, and have a great Holiday with your family. Looking forward to visiting your blog in the comming months

Yours Paul

30/7/07 15:21  
Blogger Jorge said...

Enjoy your holidays and have a lot of fun with your kids.

From Chile

8/8/07 03:18  
Blogger ViAnDEr said...

Hello, sorry but i haven't your e-mail!

Is possible please addon my blog link in your blog?

I have already your link in my blog-

THX!! ViAnDEr.


8/8/07 20:04  
Blogger friendly fire said...

Hi, be cool in your vacations.
First of all tanx for your great blog and for some good music you shared with us.
We like to notice you the birth of a new blog, or better of two siamese-twin blogs, called CATASTO ELETTRICO ( and CATASTO'S FRIENDLY FIRE ( We'd greatly appreciate if you will give them a look and we would like to put your link on our pages. Please visit and leave authorization to put it! If you'd like to put our link on your blog in case you like our pages, we greatly appreciate this too.
Thanx again an WORK ON!!!
Catasto Elettrico

25/8/07 15:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a good Summer!!!!

And then comes Winterstop!!!!

Is this Page closed????



14/9/07 05:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


have you "BLOGSTOP" ????????


20/9/07 20:47  
Blogger woodstock69 said...

great thanks for all this groovy music! do you want to link my blog? I will do the same in return.

you can use my links if you want!

amadeus :)

20/9/07 21:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi @woodstock69

in your Blog you have few albums.

What is this???? you have few albums

more would have expected

Ha Ha Ha


20/9/07 22:29  

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