Saturday, September 29, 2007

Maria Callas - Puccini & Bellini - Opera Arias

Maria Callas - Puccini & Bellini - Opera Arias p.1954-1978
What can I say? Listen to her beautiful voice in this attractiv
EMI-release 1987. @320
Download in two parts and seperate tracklist : part 1 part 2 tracklist

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks so VERY much for all the music you share. Could you please post Requiem from Mozart, nice quality.



30/9/07 17:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maria is a godess. I´m a new callas fan. I have la Traviata and Romantic Callas disc one (only:(). If you want these just ask and if you have more, please share. Thanks so much.

1/10/07 22:57  

thank you for posting, i love maria

11/4/09 22:15  

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