Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Smiths - The Queen is Dead

The Smiths , The Queen is dead , 1986
Very nice music from this British rock band, activ in the 80's.
Recommended !

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Listen for an example-song from The Smiths in my box
at the right side of this page. (cemetry gates)


Anonymous Carlos Alberto said...

Hello Yonnor,

Nice to hear from you again. I missed your posts all this time long. So, it's really wonderfull to know that you're going to share your musical taste with us.

I hope your vacation were very very nice.

Welcome back!

Carlos Alberto

21/9/07 14:52  
Blogger yonnor said...

Hi Carlos Alberto,
Thanks for your reaktion !
It's good to 'see' you
again. My vacation was very
good. A period no radio
no television and no
computer! Only a mp-3 player
with some very fine albums.
And i liked it very very much.
So much that I paste a few
weeks more.
But it's good to be back
Greetings !

21/9/07 23:56  

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