Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tchaikovsky - Swan lake

Paris , 1930

Today fine classical music and I think very wellknown.
Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. This release is from 2003.
The Philadelphia orchestra with conductor Wolfgang Sawallisch.
Enjoy this 2 cd music ! You have to download 6 (!) parts to
complete this 2 cd @320 work.
Two examples in my box at the right side. Click and listen !
The tracklist is in a seventh download.
Here :

Password :
More info :


Anonymous PaulNZ said...

Welcome Back Yonnor I hope that you enjoyed your holiday with your Family.

Yours Paul

24/9/07 14:20  
Blogger yonnor said...

For you the same, welcome back Paul ! Good to see your name back in my blog. Thanks,

25/9/07 00:29  
Blogger terryinwva said...

i was raised on the mono ormandy and philadephia version. some of my favorite music. badongo is acting up, but i'll keep trying. i want to here the philadelphia orchestra today :)

26/9/07 04:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but want to give you tank's for those albums of thaikovsky

28/9/07 00:01  
Blogger CGH Tompkins said...

wow!, really nice to see Tchakovsky on the web, specially this ballet, my favorite one, many thanks, i've been looking for it like crazy, i have just few tracks from some cds which came with the newspaper, but this jewel shoul be listened complete, not by parts.

Many thanks man, it's nice to see something more than porn and pop in the web!

11/12/07 04:18  

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