Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mory Kante - Akwaba beach

Mory Kante , Akwaba beach , 1987
Fine record from Mory Kante, the singer and kora harp
player from Guinea. Then he had a big hit with "Yéké Yéké"
in Europe. Download @320 artwork included :

Password :

More info :


Anonymous Beebs said...

Can I tell you, that ONLY in your blog I can find this rarity. I am a big fan of Mory Kante, and It's really hard to find his music. I had most of his music back then post 1980,early 90 - but most of them is in casette form.

So thanks a lot for sharing this album.

I am really grateful, but with regards to this post, can I request other album of his called "Nongo Village" ?

Thanks again. It's supersweet of you!

25/10/07 01:24  
Blogger yonnor said...

Dear beebs,
Thank you for your reaktion
and gentle words but ...
I'am sorry i have not "Nongo village"
You're welcome
Greetings , Yonnor

26/10/07 01:23  
Anonymous Beebs said...

Hi yonnor,

Thanks for your repply. No worries mate. I appreciate it.

I reckon you are from Holland? If you do, can I have request of this Holland band : Leon Haines Band.

Their hits are : Another Clown, For You To Remember, I wanna See You Now.

Thanks yonnor

27/10/07 01:59  
Blogger The Tutorial Machine said...

hello beebs,

Leon Haines Band can be downloaded here :

The TutorialMachine

26/1/09 03:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15/7/09 10:46  

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