Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ry Cooder - The Long Riders

Ry Cooder , The Long Riders , 1980
Soundtrack from the western. Music by Ry Cooder.
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Anonymous PaulNZ said...

Hi Yonnor Thanks for the Ry Cooder How that you had a good holiday. Can't say the same here in NZ it is a windy and wet spring.

Yours Paul

14/10/07 03:26  
Blogger daFraensk said...

Hallo Yonnor,

Zou het misschien mogelijk zijn deze soundtrack nog eens te posten.
Could you possibly re-up this soundtrack once more.

Zou je er erg dankbaar voor zijn.
Would be very grateful to you.

Anyway, een fijne dag nog,
hoe dan ook, have a nice day. :)


5/7/09 06:43  
Blogger daFraensk said...

Hi again Yonnor,

Thank you very, very much for this
Ry-ders - post :)
Makes my Rylander collection almost complete again( : had this one but did not completely recover from a disk that crashed)
Have a nice day :)

8/7/09 19:11  
Blogger sexy said...


15/7/09 10:46  

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