Sunday, November 04, 2007

Field & Hummel - Concerto for piano and orchestra

Field & Hummel - Concerto for piano and orchestra
Field , piano : John O'Conor with the New Irish chamber orchestra and
Janos Furst.
Hummel , piano : Martin Galling with the Stuttgarter
Philharmoniker and Alexander Paulmüller.
Beautiful and recommended !
Download @320 in two parts :
Password :
More info :
Listen for an example in my box at the right side
of this page (@128)


Blogger Wuttisak said...

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7/11/07 19:53  
Blogger JH II said...

Thanks Yonnor, your blog is marvelous, poor little frog!

Straigth Ahead!

16/11/07 01:17  
Blogger JH II said...

Yonnor, please re-up Cafe Tacuba - Re

This file has been removed due to copyright infrigment!!!!

Thank You, brother.

16/11/07 15:25  
Blogger Duque said...

Thanks but file number 1 is wrong.

size= 1 kilo. Very strange.

Thanks a lot for your blog.

20/12/07 21:40  

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