Monday, November 26, 2007

Lalo - Sarasate

Lalo - Symphonie Espanole & Sarasate - Zigeunerweisen , 1985
With Anne-Sophie Mutter , Seiji Ozawa and Orchestre national de France.
Beautiful and recommended ! @320 kbps


More than three weeks ago I posted my last music in
this blog. I'am very busy with work , scholar-activities, family etc.
So (as before) I must have it from "the little hours at night" ,
but that combines not so good at the moment. The result is silence
in this blog. I'am sorry for that if you expect more, but it is as it is.
Together with this i doubted to close this blog, because there are
many more bloggers, much better than i, with an overwhelming
selection of music ( and I wanted to do the same!).
But at the other hand , when i visit blogs ( like babeblogue ,
or zakkorama or elblogdetapper I know it's so fine to listen
to completely new music or 'forgotten' old. So i've decided not
to close completely , but a little bit. So you can expect sometimes
a pearl and that's it.
It's very nice when you get a reaktion as blogger.
I see the same in the other blogs: it's more or less a big silence.
My last uploads, some fine classical music, downloaded hundreds
of times. Reaktions , only a very few.
Let me clear : i don't want hundreds of thanks-reaktions
but sometimes a reaktion straight from your heart is welcome
and stimulating ! I don't wanted to complain but that are some
thoughts when i late in the evening think o, yes, my blog jajaah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Volume of posts does not always equal quality. I've not found too many who list classical music so your selections are very much appreciated.
Deep River

27/11/07 03:18  
Blogger marcello said...

thanks a lot

27/11/07 10:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music!

28/11/07 03:32  
Anonymous Carlos Alberto said...

Hi Yonnor,

Very welcome back! I was worried about you! It's good to find that everything is fine with you. You said you've been busy with scholar activities. So do you still study or are you a lecturer?
You're right. This thing of many people just downloading the files and not letting a comment or reaktion must be painful for a blogger in your level. Anyway, I respect your decision and hope to keep in touch with you anyhow.

Carlos Alberto

29/11/07 14:25  
Anonymous KJ said...

I love the music of Sarasate. I had his music at 128 but absolutely thrilled to get this @320. Thank you ever so much.

1/12/07 05:09  
Blogger zippy said...

Thank you for great posts..I appreciate the hard work and excellent selection of music

5/12/07 01:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Yonnor, thanks for all!


5/12/07 08:58  
Anonymous PaulNZ said...

Thanx Yonner for all the music that I have downloaded from your Blog I understand how it is that it is hard to find time for some things when you have a full life like you do with Home(family, Work & Study. I plan to study again in the new year and no how busy I will be. I wish you a great christmas and happy new year

Yours Paul

5/12/07 14:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



15/7/09 10:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i really would appreciate downloading this classical music cd, but you should re-upload it cause it's been deleted for inactivity...

thanxx for the great work in classical music


4/5/10 14:29  

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